Year 8/9 Parents Information Evening118.5 KB19th September 2019Paris Information Meeting 201990.7 KB19th September 2019An Inspector Calls Malvern Theatre83.7 KB19th September 2019Y10 Parents Information Evening116.0 KB19th September 2019Drama Dance Review Letter87.3 KB25th September 2019History Revision Guides Letter118.9 KB25th September 2019Parent Governor Election Letter123.5 KB26th September 20191st Parent Consultation Evening110.5 KB4th October 2019Paris Trip Parents Notes 2019 Letter101.5 KB8th October 2019Malaysian Borneo Trip Letter150.5 KB23rd October 2019Y11 Parents and Info Evening 201999.8 KB24th October 2019English Faculty Homework Letter41.8 KB3rd November 2019Chelsea's Story 2019 Letter105.2 KB7th November 2019Y11 Parents and Info Evening 2019 Reminder Letter91.9 KB8th November 2019Y10 English Practice Tests Letter135.1 KB12th November 2019Inter Milan Tour 2021 Letter122.7 KB12th November 2019PSHE KS4 Letter 201993.3 KB29th November 2019PSHE Year 7 Letter 201993.6 KB29th November 2019PSHE Year 8 Letter 201993.3 KB29th November 2019PSHE Year 9 Letter 201993.2 KB29th November 2019Prime Minister for a Day PSHE 2019 Letter101.6 KB3rd December 2019Letter from Tim Gilson 9th December 2019171.5 KB9th December 2019Christmas Showcase 2019 Tickets100.1 KB11th December 2019Work Experience Letter 202046.7 KB11th December 20192nd Parent Consultation Evening Letter110.1 KB5th January 2020Options Evening 2020111.9 KB18th January 2020Year 11 Appointments Sheet Parents91.0 KB20th January 2020Year 11 Mock Results and Parents Evening100.5 KB20th January 2020Year 9 Parents Evening Appointments Sheet91.8 KB3rd February 2020Year 9 Parents Evening Letter94.8 KB3rd February 2020New Headteacher Appointment Letter83.5 KB10th February 2020Cashless Catering Update Letter109.5 KB12th February 2020Visit to Madrid 2020 Letter118.7 KB13th February 20203rd Parent Consultation Evening 2020 Letter110.8 KB27th February 2020Parent Governor Election Letter123.2 KB9th March 2020Coronavirus Letter137.9 KB12th March 2020Coronavirus (16th March 2020) Letter143.8 KB16th March 2020FAQ Coronavirus - 17th March 2020121.8 KB17th March 2020Year 11 Exams Letter97.7 KB19th March 2020School Mental Health COVID-19 Letter to School 20th March95.7 KB13th May 2020Year 10 and 11 Set Texts for GCSE (AQA) Letter58.6 KB12th June 2020Mental Health Letter 18th June 2020130.6 KB18th June 2020Language Options for Future Study in Year 9 Letter118.0 KB23rd June 2020Reminder to Y10&11 of Set GCSE Texts Letter253.1 KB8th July 2020Parent and Carer Uniform Update 10th July 2020 Letter543.9 KB10th July 2020ADP Aprons September 2020 Letter140.5 KB21st August 2020Re-opening Letter For September 2020287.9 KB25th August 2020Hair & Beauty PPE September 2020 Letter143.2 KB25th August 2020Start of Term September 2020 Letter182.5 KB27th August 2020Year 7 Issues Letter September 2020144.4 KB2nd September 2020Year 11 Parent Information Evening 2020 Letter160.1 KB4th September 2020Y7, 8 & 9 AR Programme September 2020 Letter58.9 KB9th September 2020Y8 Virtual Parents' Information Evening 22nd Sept 2020 Letter146.6 KB17th September 2020Y9 Virtual Parents' Information Evening 22nd Sept 2020 Letter146.7 KB17th September 2020