Please view the attachments below for information regarding our school policies.

The Dean Academy is part of The Athelstan Trust. Trust policies can be found here.

Accessibility Plan

Admissions Policy 2022-2023

Admissions Policy 2023-2024

Admissions Policy 2024-2025

Administration of Medicines Procedure

Administration of Medicines – Parent Request for School to Administer Medication Form

Administration of Medicines – Request for Child to Carry His or Her Own Medicine Form

Administration of Medicines – Request to Self-Administer Medication Form

Administration of Medicines – School Record of the Administration of Medicines Form

Allowances Policy for Members, Trustees and Local Governors – Athelstan Trust

Assessment (Marking and Feedback) Policy

Attendance Policy

Attendance Statement – Athelstan Trust

Anti Bullying Code for Students

Anti Bullying Policy

Annual Leave Policy – Athelstan Trust

Annual Reports & Accounts

Behaviour Policy – Athelstan Trust

Behaviour Procedure

Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance Policy with TDA Procedures

CCTV Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy – Athelstan Trust

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy – Athelstan Trust

Child Protection and Safeguarding Arrangements in Response to COVID-19 – Athelstan Trust

Code of Conduct – Athelstan Trust

Complaints Policy – Athelstan Trust

COVID-19 HR Procedure – Athelstan Trust

COVID-19 Visitor Policy – 2021

Data Protection Policy – Athelstan Trust

Data Protection – Data Breach Policy – Athelstan Trust

Data Protection – Data Retention Policy – Athelstan Trust

Data Protection – Information Security Policy – Athelstan Trust

Data Protection – Special Categories of Personal Data – Athelstan Trust

Designated Teacher Policy LAC – Athelstan Trust

Disability Equality Policy

Employment Manual for Athelstan Trust – July 2022

Equal Opportunities Policy – Athelstan Trust

Financial Procedures – Athelstan Trust

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme – Athelstan Trust

Health & Safety Policy – Athelstan Trust

Health & Safety Statement of Intent – Athelstan Trust

Home School Agreement – 2019

Jury Service Policy – Athelstan Trust

LGPS – Employer’s Discretions Policy – Athelstan Trust

LGPS – Flexible Retirement Policy – Athelstan Trust

Local Governing Bodies Constitution and Terms of Reference

Lunch Money Debt Recovery Procedure

Mobile Phone Policy – 2018

Privacy Notice – COVID-19 Test and Trace – Athelstan Trust

Privacy Notice – Staff – Athelstan Trust June 2022

Privacy Notice – Students and Parents – Athelstan Trust

Privacy Notice – Summarized Version for Students – Athelstan Trust

Pay Policy 2022-23 – Teachers – Athelstan Trust

Pay Policy 2022-23 – Support Staff – Athelstan Trust

Provider Access Policy Statement

Provision Map of Intervention

Pupil Premium Policy – Athelstan Trust

Recruitment and Selection Policy – Athelstan Trust

Relationships & Sexual Health Policy – Athelstan Trust

Scheme of Delegation

Scheme of Governance

SEND and Learning Difficulties Policy – Athelstan Trust

SEND Offer

Student Health Policy

Suspensions and Permanent Exclusions Policy – Athelstan Trust

Trips & Visits Policy

Trips & Visits Protocol

Violence and Aggression Towards Staff Policy – Athelstan Trust

Whistleblower Policy – Athelstan Trust

Work Experience Policy