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School Uniform Policy

Many thanks for your continued support of the school and its policies. Planning is well under way for the new school year and I am therefore writing to you to remind you of the uniform change from September.

This time last year we reviewed our school uniform policy and made one significant change to the policy, introducing standardised Dean Academy skirts and trousers, giving a school year for this to phase in. These remain black with the addition of our school badge and are available through our school uniform provider, Trutex. This uniform is available at Trutex in Gloucester. There are a number of reasons why we have decided to introduce this part of the uniform:

a. As we continue to raise expectations, ensuring uniform is smart and consistent is a key part of this.

b. We aim to make it clear what is appropriate uniform and what is not.

c. We want to encourage a sense of belonging where students take pride in their school and uniform.

d. We want to take away the pressure from students to wear something fashionable, often having a big impact on self-esteem.

At the initial consultation parents raised some concerns around cost, availability and style of the new trousers and skirts. We have taken these concerns on board and have therefore introduced a second option if you do not wish to purchase the uniform directly from Trutex.

a. We have the school badges available to buy separately from school reception that can then be ironed on to school trousers/skirts/shorts that have been purchased elsewhere. These will be 50p per badge.

b. We will only accept school trousers/skirts/shorts that meet our uniform policy below, therefore if you are unsure please speak to your child’s Head of Year prior to purchase/ironing on the badge or bring the item of clothing to school reception to check.

Further to this, I would like to outline some more detail on the school uniform. I am pleased to say that the large majority of students wear appropriate uniform and look very smart. There is still a minority of students, however, who are not wearing the appropriate uniform, and having spoken to students across the school, we know this is a frustration for those who are following the uniform policy. Moving into the new school year, we are focusing on ensuring that students are dressed smartly and appropriately in all aspects of their uniform. I would like to bring your attention, in particular, to the following:


Plain black leather that can be polished to a shine.

No boots, no canvas shoes, no logos, no trainer style shoes.

School shoes are particularly expensive, but we have had issues this year with parents spending a lot of money on footwear which clearly does not take note of the above information. We would very much like to avoid this as it puts the school at odds with the student which is not what any of us would wish for. If you are not sure if the footwear will be accepted, please bring a picture into school for us to check before you buy them.

Acceptable Footwear

Unacceptable Footwear


Students must wear plain black trousers, or regulation black skirts. Trousers must be straight legged, we do not accept ‘skinny’ or other fashion trousers or black denim. Trousers must be plain, with no pocket zips on show. Skirts must be knee length and tailored, no stretch material is permitted. Tailored black shorts may be worn in hot weather.

From September 2019, all students will be required to wear Dean Academy skirts or trousers.

Acceptable & Unacceptable Trousers

Acceptable & Unacceptable Skirts

Hooded Tops

Hooded tops must not be worn at any time. If they are seen they will be confiscated until the end of the school day. Coats should be plain and can be worn outside.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or your son/daughter’s Head of Year. If you are unsure regarding any item of uniform, please bring the item into school for us to check that it is line with our policy. We are very grateful for your ongoing support as we continue to improve our school.

Our uniform consists of:

Plain white shirt (short or long sleeves) that can be properly tucked in.

Dean Academy tie.

Dean Academy Jumper (optional).

Dean Academy Blazer.

Plain black straight legged trousers. We do not accept ‘skinny’ or other fashion trousers or black denim.

Plain grey, black or white socks.

Plain black school shoes. We do not accept ballet pumps, trainers or other fashion shoes.

Alternative to trousers:

Plain black skirt, kneelength. We do not allow short or tight fitting skirts.

Plain black tights.

We do not allow any facial piercings other than a single small stud in each ear. We also do not allow extremes of hair style or colour.

Sports Kit Policy

All jewellery must be removed before P.E. lessons for safety reasons.

Valuables should be given to the P.E. teacher for safe keeping.


  • The Dean Academy Rugby Shirt

  • The Dean Academy Shorts

  • The Dean Academy Socks

  • Football/Rugby Boots

  • Trainers With Non-Marking Soles


  • The Dean Academy Rugby Shirt

  • The Dean Academy Skirt/Shorts

  • The Dean Academy Socks

  • Trainers With Non-Marking Soles

Additional Information

In cold weather, students may also wear black tracksuit bottoms or sports running tights

Base layers may also be worn

Please ensure that you have suitable supportive or protective underwear for P.E.

Students are advised to wear gum shields and shin pads for hockey, football and rugby. If chosen to represent the academy, these items are essential.

ALL items of uniform must be clearly marked with the owner’s name.

Uniform is available from Monkhouse Schoolwear Specalists by post, phone or via the internet or from their Gloucester branch.