Science at The Dean Academy is delivered by a team of specialists under the direction of our Director of Faculty Mrs Hannah Rowlands, seeking to inspire students with a true enthusiasm for the way the world works. Drawing on inspiration and personal experience from the many different fields of science and industry, the team not only offer an excellent depth of academic subject knowledge, but also the relevance that students need to place science within their own lives. The Science curriculum is purposefully spiralling with each core concept returned to at least once every two years to build upon prior knowledge with constant opportunity for retrieval practice.

At Key Stage 3, we follow a general science course centred around creating a solid foundation of basics in Chemistry, Biology and Physics with plenty of opportunity for practical learning and preparation for Key Stage 4. The aim of our KS3 science curriculum is to encourage student engagement and curiosity as well as promote teaching for understanding rather than covering fragmented content. Using a logical order of objectives our programme of study aims to equip students with the skills, knowledge and understanding for accessing and succeeding at GCSE as well as promoting Science as a subject that is meaningful and relevant to their lives. There is a large emphasis on investigation and practical enquiry skills. The key stage 3 curriculum is based upon mastery learning and language with an emphasis on supporting learners to make progress before moving on to new content and skills. We have introduced some project based learning to engage learners and to provide local context relevant to their lives. There is also a heavy focus upon literacy, including Drop Everything And Read Science (D.E.A.R.S) time where students read popular science fiction once per fortnight. In Year 9 students embark on their GCSE (AQA) after February half term.

Those students who are dedicated and wish to pursue Science in more depth have the option of following the AQA Triple Science pathway which would lead them to achieving 3 GCSEs in Science; all other students follow the AQA Trilogy Combined Science pathway and would finish Year 11 with 2 GCSEs in Science. Both Science pathways are 100% exam and all students will sit 6 exams during the Year 11 exam period. More information regarding the course can be found on the “GCSE course summary” documents. For some students the AQA Entry Level Certificate may prove to be a more appropriate course for them to follow and this is decided upon at the beginning of Year 10 and is based upon the needs of the students.

Throughout the course, careers relevant to the topics will be highlighted and in Year 9 students undertake a specific lesson on careers relevant to Science and there is also a careers fayre at the end of the academic year.


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