The Dean Academy Restaurant

The Dean Academy Restaurant is run by our own excellent catering team, serving a wide choice of freshly made food items daily from breakfast, break and lunchtime. The menu is rotated every four weeks and the food on offer is both nutritional and great value for money.
The restaurant is a bright and welcoming area with plenty of seating for students who can bring their own food or purchase on site.
Students can choose from the daily special, the ‘grab and go’, pasta meals or jacket potatoes from both counters. Also available is a selection of baguettes and salads which can be pre-ordered. All drinks sold in the restaurant comply with the government guidelines.
A sample of a menu is here to give you an idea of the range we serve but please be aware that these change weekly.

Paying for meals

Here at the academy, we use a cashless system for payment of meals that can be accessed biometrically or with a pin number. Parents can pay for meals using ParentPay and can track their child’s purchases online, parents can also put food/spend restrictions on their child’s account. The restrictions can only be put in place by contacting the school. If there are any issues with topping up the account, please let the school Finance team know as soon as possible, and we will make provisions for your child whilst this is being sorted.


All meals that are produced on site come with allergy advice in line with The Food Standards Agency and the legislation known as Natasha`s Law. It is important that you make the school aware of your child’s food allergies.
Free School Meals
If you think your child is eligible for Free School Meals, please follow the link

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