Physical Education at The Dean Academy is delivered by a team of PE specialists under the direction of Head of Department Mr Peter Glynn.

“Love a healthy lifestyle

Love and value yourself

Love and embrace challenge”

The PE department have created a curriculum and foster an ethos where students choose to participate willingly and are able to respond positively to a broad range of opportunities on offer. The curriculum is planned and designed to engage and motivate students, whilst providing all the necessary support to enable students to make progress from whatever their starting point of skills, knowledge and understanding. The PE curriculum and ethos aim to build self-esteem and promote positive behaviours and attitudes, so that students are able to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle to support their education at The Dean Academy and their own future personal development beyond that.

At Key Stage 3 and 4 in core PE students take on a growing range of physical activities each year. Students will be taught to use a range of skills, techniques, tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in team and individual activities such as badminton, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, netball, rounders, rugby and tennis. Students will also develop their technique and improve their performance in other competitive sports and activities such as volleyball, table tennis, handball, dance, athletics and fitness. The aim of core PE at The Dean Academy is to prepare students for a lifelong choice of physical activity and the adaptation of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, at Key Stage 4, students have the opportunity to follow PE pathways into further education. The department offer students the opportunity to take a GCSE in Physical Education or a Cambridge National in Sports Studies at Level 2. Outside of the curriculum, students have a variety of opportunities to participate in extra-curricular clubs in every day and can represent the school in regular fixtures and competitions in a number of activity areas.