At The Dean Academy we strongly believe that homework is vital in ensuring pupils consolidate what they have been learning in the classroom, build confidence and improve recall of key information.  Research from the Education Endowment Foundation shows ‘the impact of homework on learning is consistently positive, leading on average to an additional five months progress.’

All Pupils have a homework timetable which tells them what homework will be set on each day.  Importantly, we are trying to ensure that students get regular, meaningful homework, set according to a timetable across the week to help students spread their time and ensure balance.

In years 7-9 pupils are expected to spend approximately 20 minutes on each piece of homework and 40 minutes in years 10 and 11. This is underpinned by research that suggests students who complete more short pieces of supporting homework regularly, learn and retain more over time.

To ensure all homework set is meaningful and has the desired impact it will take one of three forms:

  • An application of what is being learnt in class e.g. an exam question
  • A knowledge recall task, this will require the pupils to recall information previously learnt, this could have been recently or in the past e.g. last term, last year
  • A flip and fetch task, this requires pupils to memorise key facts or information e.g. spelling and definition of key words

We know that our students will rise to the challenge and we want to support them to be successful and independent. All homework due dates and instructions will be uploaded to Class Charts which can be accessed at any time. There is the option to attend homework club which runs Monday to Thursday every week. Pupils will have access to computers, internet, printer and a quiet workspace in which they can complete their homework. If staying afterschool pupils can book onto the free late bus. If a pupil needs further support with their homework, we encourage them to talk to their subject teacher, tutor or head of year.

In the rare circumstance where homework is not submitted on time, a conduct point will be issued. A full conduct card will result in an afterschool detention.

Parents/carer support with homework is very much appreciated and makes a huge difference to our pupils, you can find a few suggestions for how help listed below.

  • Provide a quiet and suitable workspace or encourage them to attend homework club
  • Support your son/daughter establish a routine for completing homework
  • Encourage your son/daughter to be organised and meet deadlines
  • Praise, encourage and support their work
  • Enable them to be independent and seek help if needed