Equality Objectives 2021-2025

At the Dean Academy we aim to provide the best possible educational experience to all students,
irrespective of ethnic or national origin, culture, religion, gender, special educational need, disability,
sexuality and economic circumstance. Our specific quality objectives are:

1. Ensure the curriculum reflects inclusion and diversity and prepares people for modern life in Britain
through regular curriculum reviews

2. Ensure that staff recruitment is in line with the Equality Act

3. Ensure staff are aware of and follow the Equality Policy of the Academy and current legislation
through quality induction, CPD and policy review

4. Remove barriers to achievement faced by disadvantaged students through the implementation of
our PP strategy.

5. Actively close the gaps in attainment and achievement for key groups of students; including special
educational needs, disability, boys and girls, disadvantaged and looked after; through quality first
teaching, tailored intervention and academic mentoring.

6. Develop a passport of activities all students must experience to broaden aspiration and ensure
given the opportunity to participate in the wider life of the school.

7. Strengthen positive partnerships with parents, carers and the wider community and
encourage participation in the school community through improved 2 way communication and
increased rates of attendance at school events.

Here at The Dean Academy we encourage equality, diversity and inclusion. We take an inclusive approach in our reading guidance and encourage our students to read diverse texts.

Here are some suggestions of books that reflect these aims:


LGBT+ Reading List for KS3_KS4_KS5

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