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“We were very impressed with the academy as a whole, the students and teachers were fantastic.”

“There were some very helpful members of staff and the student who showed us around was polite, articulate and a credit to the academy.   The Open Evening was fantastic; needed an extra hour though!   My child enjoyed the Science experiments.”

“The pupil showing us around was very knowledgeable and able to answer all questions and the staff were friendly and available to talk giving a clear understanding of expectations and options.”

“Engagement of teachers, including innovative thinking towards learning. Facilities looked better than expected.”

“I was surprised by the amount of non-curricular activities which the school have to offer.”

“Facilities were better than expected. Behaviour was excellent. Good chat to the Head.”

“You have a lot of teachers who are clearly passionate about their subject. This was pleasing to see — it is not reflected in the media.”

“Communication, friendliness of staff and students, enthusiasm.”

“Everyone from students to staff seems to be very positive in driving the school forward. Our son liked what was on display. We can see improvements are needed but would feel confident that we could trust Dean Academy with our son’s further education.”

“I felt the activities set out by all departments were fun, engaging and interactive. The pupils and teachers were really positive about their subjects. Very impressed.”

“Very warm welcome. Good food. Very impressed by Science.”

“My daughter attends here and we had a high opinion already.”

“Better expectations than originally.”

“We came 3 years ago when our eldest daughter went up to secondary and were less than impressed, I have to say we have had our minds changed this evening, very impressed.”

“I thought it was a good speech by the Headmaster. The classrooms well presented.”

“Better than expected!”

“Much bigger than expected and lots of choice of subjects.”

I just wanted to offer my feedback from a lovely Open Day I attended with my yr 5 daughter this morning. We received a warm welcome and and left feeling inspired and totally impressed with Dean Academy. The two students who showed us around were very professional and their enthusiasm for their school was infectious. If my daughter gave a future student a tour of that level one day I would be very proud of her.

Prospective Parent