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AQA GCSE Dance Works (8236)

You must study all six works in their entirety and be prepared to describe, analyse, interpret, evaluate and reflect on the works in response to short answer and extended
writing questions.

You must know and understand the defining characteristics of each set professional work.

Below are links to the videos of each professional work, in full, for you to use to recap or for revision.

1. A Linha Curva – Itzik Galili – Rambert – A Linha Curva – AQA Full Dance
2. Artificial Things – Lucy Bennett – Stopgap Dance Company – Artificial Things – AQA Full Dance
3. Emancipation of Expressionism – Kendrick H20 Sandy – Boy Blue Entertainment – Emancipation of Expressionism – AQA Full Dance
4. Infra – Wayne McGregor CBE – The Royal Ballet – Infra – AQA Full Dance
5. Shadows – Christopher Bruce CBE – Phoenix Dance Theatre – Shadows – AQA Full Dance
6. Within Her Eyes – James Cousins – James Cousins Company – Within Her Eyes – AQA Full Dance


The Performance Faculty at The Dean Academy prides itself on enabling students of all abilities to succeed. The faculty encompasses the teaching of Drama, Music and Dance and has close links with other faculties throughout the Academy, allowing students to engage with performance both on and off the stage, in a multitude of roles that prepare them for post 16 education and careers.

The Department is led by Kathryn Rodway and our faculty vision is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate in Performance activities throughout their time at the Academy.

Within Performance we want to inspire young people to participate in and enjoy performance activities as well as promoting that performance can play a central role in your development during your time at The Dean Academy. We ensure that students feel that nothing is outside of their reach if they desire to achieve it, and that taking part in the arts, can be extremely rewarding whether your role is centre stage, backstage, within the technical side or the creative side — roles such as choreographer, lighting technician, scenery designer all sit alongside those of leading actor and actress, chorus or understudy, soloist or band/group member as well as many more roles and opportunities in abundance.

We instil this through effective teaching and learning that is constantly looking to move forward, providing opportunities for students to assume responsibility for their learning, to engage inquisitive minds and provide those students with a high standard of learning that should be expected by them in every lesson. As well as promoting that participation is for all and that we should all feel valued in every situation.

A wide variety of extra curricular options are available in performing arts; leadership opportunities are in abundance, as well as dance productions, and choreography clubs. Various choirs, bands, and music ensembles practice regularly at lunch time and after school, while drama plays a huge part in the wider community of the school with an annual production which encompasses Music, Drama and Dance. Other opportunities include the annual Christmas Carol Concert, which showcases musical, dramatic and dance talents, academy shows and events such as Presentation Evening, community festivals, trips to the theatre and elite performance events, workshops and peripatetic music lessons which can be organised for a wide range of musical instruments, with students able to sit Associated Board and Guildhall examinations. If you love these subjects, you will find numerous opportunities to enjoy Performing Arts at The Dean Academy!

Drama is taught at Key Stage 3 as a specialist subject, once a fortnight. The focus of Drama at Key Stage 3 is to build key drama skills and an awareness of drama and theatre forms and terminology. At Key Stage 4 we offer Edexcel BTEC Performing Arts as a course. It is an exciting and challenging course and has been designed to help candidates to meet these challenges.

Music is taught to all students in Key Stage 3 as a specialist subject. Students are also encouraged to bring their own instruments to school and we are able to organise peripatetic music lessons for a number of different instruments. At Key Stage 4, we offer the BTEC Music course and this is well supported by students of all abilities.

Dance is taught to students throughout Key Stage 3 as part of the P.E. curriculum. At Key Stage 4 students are able to choose to continue their dance studies by opting for the Edexcel BTEC Performing Arts course. There is a balance between practical work, controlled assessment and theory work, with plenty of opportunity to reflect on students choreographic and performance skills.

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