Following the government changes that come into force on Tuesday 30th November 2021, We have taken the decision that face coverings must be worn on our secondary school transport unless students have an exemption.

We will be increasing signage on transport and pushing out messages via our channels, but if you could please join us by letting students and parents know we would be really grateful.

It’s also worth saying that this means putting on face covering before students board the vehicle and keeping them on for the entire journey until they get off. They also need to remain seated.

As you know we have made supplies of face coverings available in the past to all students, but if on the odd occasion students forget their face covering drivers will be given an emergency supply. Any students that refuse to wear a face covering will not be refused transport, but the driver will take their name so we can check if the are exempt from wearing one.

We want to encourage and work with students as much as possible, but will be operating a similar procedure to those who breach the code of conduct, using a warning systems and three strikes approach. No one will actually be banned from travel however we do want to use the system to alert parents/guardians to any non-compliance with the rules. We will keep you updated on this throughout though and will work with schools where there are issues.

Thank you for you assistance with this communication and for your support.

Many thanks

Miss Faye Williams
Mainstream School Transport Lead Officer
Shire Hall