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Young people who use drugs or alcohol are vulnerable and can become at risk.  

This means that drug and alcohol interventions for young people are essential, evidence suggests that the wider needs of the young person should be considered, substance misuse shouldn’t be addressed in isolation.  

Infobuzz  are able to  offer a holistic approach to supporting young people (11-25 years old) that will address their wider needs as well as their relationship with drugs and alcohol.  

If you are concerned about a young person who you believe is misusing substances contact Infobuzz who will be able to  support  you to assess the young person’s needs and discuss with you the appropriate support  available.  

Talk to Frank is a national organisation that provides information on different types of drugs available to people  and also  how to support people that have become addicted.  

Also  the Youth Support Team  is able to  provide a specialist approach to  a number of  issues, substance misuse is just one.