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                          Students learn better when they are happy and in a supportive and nurturing environment. As one of our key values, we strive
                            to ensure our students enjoy their school experience and are happy throughout their time at The Dean Academy. Staff and
                          students build positive relationships which are based on mutual respect and high expectations in order to develop positive and
                                                           inclusive attitudes in the school community and beyond.

                          Taking part in new and challenging experiences helps students to push the boundaries of their comfort zones and through our
                          curriculum, both in and outside the classroom, we provide the building blocks to develop resilient young people who are willing
                           to take on a challenge and flourish as they surpass their expectations. Whether through sports, music, the Duke of Edinburgh
                           Award or one of our many extra-curricular clubs, students learn how to equip themselves with new skills, independence and
                                            core values as they broaden their horizons and begin to explore the world around them.
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