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                                                                        The Dean Academy provides a supportive and challenging learning environment where students
                                                                            feel empowered to succeed in all areas of school life. We are passionate about offering
                                                                            everyone in our community the best opportunities to become confident, motivated and
                                                                         well-rounded young people who strive for, and ultimately, achieve their potential. As a school,
                                                                         we have been on a journey of improvement and we work tirelessly to embed our ambition and
                                                                          enthusiasm for learning throughout the school community, whether in the classroom, on the
                                                                                               sports field or when thinking about the future.

                                                                                                              This is an exciting time for your child as they embark on the
                                                                                                               next stage of their education and we are delighted that you
                                                                                                                are considering The Dean Academy. The Dean Academy is
                                                                                                               a happy, welcoming and successful school with community
                                                                                                                at its core. We have high expectations of everyone and we
                                                                                                                     expect students to work hard; supported by amazing
                                                                                                               teaching and great opportunities we help students to build
                                                                                                                     strong foundations for the future and to realise their



                                                                                                                                                        Richard Brand,
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