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                         We are proud to live out our three school values each and every day – Achievement, Enjoyment and Community. As a staff, we
                         understand that students’ successes are achieved through a combination of high-quality teaching, commitment and hard work
                         and this underpins all we do. Our mission as a school is to provide a high quality, comprehensive and meaningful education for
                         all and together we will work with you and your child to ensure their time in our community brings out the best in them, as well
                                                                             as us as a school.

                 My goal is to become a teacher and I know that I will have to go              One of my favourite parts of school is all the opportunities we
                 into higher education and then to university to gain my degree,           have to get involved outside of the classroom. I really enjoy sports
                 then my PGCE. I took full advantage of all the support on offer in        and have represented the school in football and rugby; being part
                 Year 11, from extra homework to Period 6 lessons and Victory                 of a team and taking an active part in the clubs school run has
                 Hour twice a week to help me build the foundations for my next              really helped develop my leadership skills, my focus and helped
                 step towards my career.                                                                                            me make new friends.

                                                             ASHLEIGH                                                                           SAM
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